FDA To Find Faster Method For Tracking Foodborne Illness

The Food and Drug Administration will launch a test of two different programs that they hope will help with locating the source of food contamination more quickly, according to news sources.

One program will track processed foods, and the other will trace raw fruits and vegetables. The program will focus on keeping more detailed records of food and the path it makes as it travels across the country.

The program development comes as a mandate after the Food Safety and Modernization Act was passed earlier this year. The law requires the FDA to also put more strict standards into effect for foods that are at a high risk for contamination.

The test programs will be run by the Institute of Food Technologies, a nonprofit group. A few products and some ingredients will be tracked, and then the team will attempt to trace the foods back to their origin.

As a Renton personal injury attorney, I hope that the FDA will be able to find a more efficient way to track contaminated food so that foodborne illness has a shorter window in which to spread. In some individuals, foodborne illnesses can be deadly. As a personal injury lawyer, I recommend you seek medical attention if you begin experiencing symptoms.