FDA Issues A Dog Food Alert

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is releasing a National warning regarding a certain kind of chicken strips or treats that can pose serious health hazards for dogs.

According to recent news, there are some cases the contaminated strips can present life-threatening risks to pets.

The products that have been under investigation are marketed mostly as chicken tenders, treats or strips. The number of complaints regarding the several canine illnesses caused by the consumption of the alleged contaminated treats is increasing, pushing the FDA to look into the matter with more dedication and attention.

The FDA assures consumers the probably contaminated product is manufactured only in China. Some of the health issues linked to these products include an increase of sugar in the dog’s blood (Fanconi syndrome) and kidney failure. Sick animals sustain certain symptoms like vomiting, decreased activity, diarrhea and increased water consumption.

As a Federal Way personal injury lawyer, I urge pet owners in Washington to make sure the treats they purchase come from trustworthy sources.

Personal injury lawyers are aware that a dog’s health is always a priority to its owner. For more information on future recall news, stay tuned to this blog by returning to this address regularly.