Farmed Fish Not Contaminated, FDA Announces

According to the news and recent FDA announcements, the Washington State farmed fish that may have eaten recalled feed that was imported show no traces of contamination. The FDA stated that Chinese ingredients used in the fish feed should be safe to eat.

The two farms that used this item to nourish their fish preferred to keep their product off the market due to contamination fears. They waited until all the tests could be fulfilled so they would know for sure it was safe to sell their fish.

According to the commissioner for food protection, all fish tested from both Washington State and Hawaii are safe for consumption.

The allegedly contaminated feed that stirred the fear of many was also sold over 190 fish hatcheries but since the fish in question are small and the questionable feed was recalled, there shouldn’t be any more concerns related to this matter.

The feed was claimed to be contaminated with Melamine which can be blamed for the deaths of  a number of cats and dogs. These deaths were followed by the recall of several pet food brands.

After the discovery, over 40 shipments containing alleged contaminated protein concentrate from China were intercepted until the producers are able to prove all the material is melamine free.

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