Fallen Tree Claims a Life, Man in Serious Condition

Car Driven by Teen Hits Pole, Alcohol Might Have Been a Factor
December 23, 2011
Lakewood Police Department Launches Internal Investigation, Officer Charged With Drunken Driving
December 28, 2011

Several preventable accidents have happened during the holiday weekend in the State of Washington but little could have been done to avoid the accident that claimed the life of a 9-year-old girl on Christmas day.

According to the news, a 20-foot tree fell on top of a Ford Explorer killing a little girl and leaving her father severely injured. Three other passengers survived the accident after being taken to the Hospital for a medical evaluation.

The Washington State Patrol official reports show that the man had to be airlifted to the hospital but that the young girl was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene. The authorities claim that the winds were gusting over 50 mph in the area at the time of the accident.

As a Seattle car accident lawyer, I’m incredibly saddened to hear about this undeniably tragic accident. My sincere condolences go out to the family of the child who was killed in this incident. I hope the little girl’s father is able to experience a full and speedy recovery.

Whenever you or a loved one is involved in an accident that may have been caused by the recklessness of others, contact a personal injury lawyer in your area to answer your questions.


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