Everett Multi-Car Accident Results In Serious Injuries

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Last week, drivers all across Washington state learned about a serious and terrible accident involving a Snohomish County sheriff’s deputy that unfortunately resulted in serious injuries. Now, reports show that the leading factor behind this accident involved failure to respect road signs.

The multi-vehicle accident happened in Everett last week. According to The Seattle Times, the accident caused a man to lose both of his legs as a result of the serious personal injuries.

The deputy was driving with two passengers. His Ford Crown Victoria patrol vehicle was headed south on Rockefeller Avenue when, instead of stopping at the stop sign, he continued traveling on. The patrol car was then rammed by an oncoming vehicle traveling on the westbound lanes of the 23rd street. The Honda Element that crashed into the Ford Crown Victoria caused the patrol car to be pushed into a parked Ford pickup truck.

Because the patrol car crashed into the parked vehicle as the driver walked out, he ended up being pinned against his own car by the patrol vehicle. The man was rushed to Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center where he underwent several surgeries to have the issue addressed. While doctors did everything they could to save the man’s legs, they were eventually amputated. The 59-year-old victim of the accident is from Arlington.

The accident is still under investigation. Until the Washington State Patrol is able to provide the public with further information, we’re still not aware of the reasons behind the deputy’s actions.

Non-life threatening injuries were also reported. Passengers of the Honda vehicle as well as its driver have already been treated and released from local hospitals. Details concerning the speed of all cars involved were not reported. According to local law enforcement agents, a fourth car was also involved in the accident.

The most concerning thing about this accident is that it could have been prevented. Drivers should go out of their way to make sure they are following road signs and respecting traffic rules at all times while behind the wheel. Failing to do so could cause drivers to experience serious accidents that could even lead to personal injury and death.

Being aware of the risks and understanding that you have responsibility over your car and what it could expose others to could help you to play your part in avoiding serious accidents. To read more about this accident, follow this link.