Evanix Speed and Conquest Air Rifles Recalled

Several news outlets across the nation have been reporting on a recall that has been recently issued by Air Venturi.

According to the information released in these recall news articles, Evanix Speed and Conquest Air Rifles may have been equipped with a safety switch that could fail if somebody pulls the trigger with force, which could cause somebody to shoot the rifle accidently.

The official recall announcement was published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to alert consumers they could be at risk if someone who’s unaware of this defect uses these defective air rifles. According to the federal agency, Meca Evanix of South Korea has decided to issue this recall promptly to avoid any incidents, injuries or even deaths associated with this product.

The federal agency has revealed that the manufacturer should be contacted if you own one of these recalled rifles. Boxes with paid postage will be shipped to affected rifle owners so all defective units can be sent back to the factory for a free repair.

According to the company, this problem affects at least 100 units of these rifles.

As a Federal Way personal injury lawyer, I sincerely hope that nobody is injured through the use of these recalled rifles. I strongly advise you to verify if you own any of these items as soon as possible. Recalled rifles should be fixed quickly and before anybody gets hurt.

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