Electronic simulator teaches dangers of texting and driving

According to various news sources, over 1,3 million car wrecks can be solely accredited to mobile phone talking and texting behind the wheel. With that in mind, Texas State Tech College-Marshall and PEER Awareness Thursday combined forces to put an event together so the dangers of texting while driving can be fully demonstrated in a controlled and extremely safe environment.

Students and faculty will be exposed to the AWARE-TXT simulator that was set up in the parking lot of the TSTC-Marshall. This device allows individuals to be sat in a real vehicle that is completely suspended, controlled and observed by sensors to simulate real life situations.

According to the article, out of more than 200,000 people who were tested by this simulator, not a single person passed. That happens because they’re being put under situations known to all drivers while allegedly handling a cell phone.

As a Seattle car accident lawyer I urge all drivers to never use their phones while driving, it’s illegal and it can turn out to be deadly. An experienced personal injury lawyer can tell you how deadly and reckless any cell phone usage while driving can be. Stay alert and maintain the roads safe by staying away from distractions.