Eight Children Hurt in School Bus Crash

When you wave your children goodbye when they board the school bus in the morning, you expect they will be safe on the ride to school. But parents in Gig Harbor found themselves facing one of their worst nightmares when they heard a school bus crashed Thursday morning

Eight children were injured when their school bus got into a car accident with a pickup truck and a van on the Key Peninsula.  The crash occurred just before noon at 1125 Key Peninsula Highway, near Vaughn and west of Gig Harbor.

The extent of the injuries is unknown, but news outlets reported firefighters were placing some kids on a stretcher and loading them into ambulances, according to news reports.  Initial reports, however, state the injuries weren’t serious.

There’s no word as to what caused the crash, but officials are investigating.

As a Seattle car accident attorney, it’s always scary to hear about a car accident involving children, especially when it involves a school bus. As a parent myself, I can imagine how scary it can be for parents to hear about such an accident. I hope that no children were seriously injured in the crash and all recover from their injuries.  Hopefully officials figure out the reason for the crash so similar accidents will be prevented.