Drunken Driver Causes a Rear-End Collision

Local news outlets have reported that there was a collision on Sunday sometime after 8:30 a.m. involving a Richland driver who was allegedly sent to jail after the authorities arrived at the scene. According to the Washington State Patrol, the woman was driving under the influence and was handling the vehicle without a valid license.

The official reports claim that the 1999 Plymouth Breeze the woman was allegedly driving failed to stop at an intersection when she hit the rear of a vehicle that had stopped at the intersection to yield to traffic.

The driver in the vehicle hit by the alleged drunken driver was in a good shape after the accident but the passenger was taken to the hospital sustaining some injuries. A personal injury lawyer in Seattle or any other area in Washington could be of great assistance to the victims of the recklessness of the driver who caused this accident.

As a Renton car accident attorney I urge all readers to never drink and drive, no matter how confident you may feel about your driving and focusing abilities. Accidents involving drinking and driving usually have tragic endings. Fortunately there’ll be no tragic ending to this case.

Hopefully this will serve as an example of the dangers of drinking and driving to all motorists reading this.