Drunk Driver Hits Mini Van in I-90 Rollover Accident

A drunk driver is to blame for a rollover accident on eastbound I-90 near Issaquah early this morning.  According to this news report, the drunk driver came up behind a mini van that had seven passengers.  The intoxicated driver was speeding and quickly came up behind the minivan, smashing into it.  State Trooper Christina Martin stated, “The mini van was in the HOV lane and the DUI driver came up behind that mini van at a very high rate of speed and struck the van.  Both vehicles went off into the ditch and rolled over.”

It is believed that the passengers in the mini van were not wearing seat belts at the time.  Emergency crews had to extricate three of those passengers who were trapped under the upside-down vehicle, one of which was trapped underneath the mini van.  “You had one person at the very bottom of the heap, that was pinned in.  His face was smooshed.  They were able to extricate every one else in such a way as to not cause him any more injuries in under an hour,”  claimed another State Trooper.

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I was amazed that no one was critically injured in the car accident, even the person who was trapped underneath the van.  Often times in accidents such as this where the passengers aren’t buckled up, the outcome is much worse.  The drunk driver has been arrested and charged with DUI.