Drug Recalls Rising, FDA Assumes an Aggressive Approach

According to articles from different sources nationwide, drug recalls are becoming more and more numerous every year. The pharmaceutical recalls have allegedly skyrocketed to 150 in the third quarter of 2010 alone. FDA Enforcement Reports details that the spike in drug recalls has a lot to do with the aggressive activity from FDA and their authorities against pharmaceutical industry’s mistakes.

A Medical waste manager has claimed that the FDA increasing the tough supervision on pharmaceutical supply will affect consumers worldwide directly. Safety issues have been of great priority to the FDA in the past 5 years. The nation saw a few scandals regarding drug recalls in the past 7 years. Reports have demonstrated that the agency suffers major pressure from the Congress to keep the supply chain under extensive control.

The FDA has announced that officials are attempting to make a deal with generic drug makers by proposing that foreign plants that manufactures most of the generic products should be inspected with a certain frequency.

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– Kirk Bernard