Drowsy Driving Poses a Major Threat, WSP Confirms

According to the Washington State Patrol, a great contributor to accidents on state highways is the ever dangerous drowsy driving. Authorities claim it’s even more of an accident facilitator than drinking and driving because so many motorists simply think they are not going to give in to sleepiness.

The news says the Washington State Patrol has found a new way to crack down this issue by utilizing an easier way to have control over this hazard. Driver fatigue can be fatal but it’s just as hard to be determined whether someone is suffering from it or not.

Authorities found a way around this, at the time truckers stop at weight-stations, electronic screeners will find out how long the driver has been on the road in the past days. That will determine if the truck driver should or should not stop and rest.

Many commercial trucking accidents have occurred in the past year, most of them were caused by driver fatigue. In many cases, truck drivers allegedly falsified the amount of hours they had been driving in the logbooks so they could keep on going.

The new scanners added to the weight-stations will keep that from happening again.

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– Kirk Bernard