Do You Know What to Do Following a Crash?

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June 27, 2012
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June 27, 2012

You never expect to be involved in a car accident, and the experience can be frightening and overwhelming. Fortunately, the Better Business Bureau has a helpful list of tips to help you make smart decisions and avoid being the victim of a scam after an accident, according to the Hannibel Courier-Post.

While you are still at the scene of the accident, you should contact your insurance company. Never give permission for a tow operator who arrived on scene without your asking to take your vehicle.

Ask for identification if the tow truck is not marked. Make sure the names listed on the paperwork and signage match the name of the company or person you called. You should never be afraid to call the tow company again if you are not certain whether the tow truck driver is legitimate.

Find a mechanic with good credentials and experience working with the same type of vehicle you own. Talk to your insurance agent or other people you know for recommendations when seeking a mechanic. Check the auto shop’s complaints record with the BBB.

Never pay in full until the repairs are finished. Also, feel free to ask the mechanic plenty of questions to make sure the person seems competent and professional.

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