Distracted Semi Truck Driver Hits DOT Worker

A report out of North Carolina reminds us of the destruction caused by semi-truck accidents.  An innocent 21 year-old employee of the Department of Transportation was on the clock, attempting to set up a work zone in Duplin County.  While he was working, a distracted tractor trailer driver crashed his rig into the young man, crushing him between two cars.

According to this report, the driver of the truck claimed he had taken his eyes off of the road for “just a second” before he swerved of of the highway and struck the DOT worker.  Now, the driver faces charges including misdemeanor death by motor vehicle.  Just three days earlier in Illinois, a truck driver killed three people in an accident caused by looking at a map while he was driving.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only tragic big rig accident I’ve heard in the news lately as a Seattle personal injury lawyer.  One of the most horrible accidents to occur in Kentucky history was when a truck driver using his cell phone crossed into oncoming traffic and hit a van, killing 11 people.  Earlier this year, law makers officially banned truck and bus drivers from sending text messages from behind the wheel.

Of course there are tons of semi-truck drivers on the road that do take their job seriously and are as safe as possible behind the wheel, but with most things, a few bad apples give them all a bad name.

Kirk Bernard