Distracted Driver Plunges SUV Into River

Distracted driving is quickly becoming one of the most talked about subjects in regard to car accidents and safety. It used to be that eating while driving and loud radio volumes were the only things that could really distract people behind the wheel. Nowadays, drivers are resorting to talking on their cell phones, text messaging, and surfing the web while they’re on the road, and not just while they’re stopped at a light. And just when we thought we’d heard it all, this story hit the news on Saturday.

Early on Saturday morning, a woman from Detroit, Oregon, plunged her SUV into the Santiam River. State trooper Derek Bischoff arrived at the scene on Highway 22 near milemarker 38. The woman lost control of her vehicle when she tried to mix sugar into her morning coffee. When she swerved off to the right side of the road, her reaction was to over correct which sent her flying across the roadway. Her SUV tumbled down a 40 foot embankment and stopped with half of the car resting in the Santiam River.

The driver sustained only minor injuries and was taken by ambulance to a local hospital where she received treatment. This story may seem funny at first but the growing concern over distracted driving is no laughing matter to this Seattle personal injury attorney.   If people don’t start paying more attention while driving, our roadways are going to turn into a dangerous place to be.  I urge you to take the pledge against distracted driving.

Kirk Bernard