Defibrillator Battery Packs Recalled

Defibtech, LLC has issued a voluntary recall of it’s battery packs, in cooperation with the US Food and Drug Administration.  Their batteries are utilized in the Lifeline AED and ReviveR AEDTM which are semi-automatic external defibrillators.  The batteries affected would have been shipped before June 4th, 2007.

According to this report, the FDA claims that occasionally, a faulty battery pack can lead to the false detection of an error condition while the machine is charging to prepare for a shock.  When this error is detected, it will stop charging and won’t provide the shock needed for treatment.  Defibtech received notices of four instances in which this malfunction occurred and issued the recall as a response.

The FDA said, “Defibtech will provide customers with a free battery pack update card to address this issue for all affected battery packs. The correction to the battery pack will be able to be performed at the location where the battery pack is deployed using any DDU-100 series AED and a Defibitech supplied battery pack update card.”  Defibtech expects the update to be available in a few weeks.

These battery packs were sold worldwide, mostly to fire departments, health clubs, EMS, schools, airports and other organizations to be used on people who are suffering from a heart attack or heart arrhythmia.  As a personal injury attorney in Seattle, this recall comes as a surprise.  However I suppose it’s better that a shock not be delivered than having a machine which administers the shock when it shouldn’t.
-Kirk Bernard