Deadly Accident: Driver Claims He Fell Asleep Behind Wheel

Do Not Cross Crime Scene

According to the latest news reports, a driver who claimed to have fallen asleep behind the wheel was involved in a tragic accident that unfortunately claimed the lives of two students.

The accident happened in the Ferndale area. According to the Washington State Patrol, the students who passed away as a result of this accident were not the only ones impacted.

The official reports claim the 15- and the 18-year-old students were outside of their high school for a physical education class at the time. The two teens along with two others were on the sidewalk on Graveline and West Smith roads this past Wednesday when an SUV driven by a 34-year-old male driver drove into the sidewalk and hit the boys from behind. The teenagers were unfortunately declared dead while two other boys were rushed to the hospital in serious condition.

Students are mourning two Windward High School students who were hit and killed by an SUV in the Ferndale area. Two other students who are both 17 years of age were hurt and sent to the hospital in serious condition.

After the tragic accident, students at the high school are getting special help from grief counselors and therapy dogs. While investigators look into the real factors that caused the accident, drivers are urged to learn from this tragic accident. Motorists who are impaired, whether due to sleep or intoxication, should never sit behind the wheel.

Accident Avoidance Tech Helps To Avoid Deadly Collisions

Many automakers have begun using semi-autonomous technology to make vehicles safer. Many of these technologies are capable of recognizing pedestrians, cyclists, or other obstacles and sending a signal to the driver before the collision takes place. Many of these systems are also able to trigger the automated braking system, allowing the car to apply the brakes before it collides with the obstacles ahead.

Many safety regulators want to these technologies to become standard equipment in all new vehicles, but many automakers have been resisting the changes, at least for now.

Too often, deadly accidents are entirely avoidable. Motorists who are truly concerned about road safety and accident prevention should never ignore how potentially deadly auto accidents can be. If you’re seated behind the wheel of a car, you must understand that you have responsibility over what happens with the car you’re driving.

For more details on this accident, follow this link to read the full accident report.