Crash on I-90 Leaves Driver Injured

According to several news outlets, a 39-year-old man from Issaquah who’s the suspect of driving under the influence of drugs sustained injuries after a crash on Interstate 90.

The official reports from the Washington State Patrol show that the man was driving a jeep going westbound on the Interstate when he drifted into the median. The man tried to correct the vehicle bringing it back to its lane but the effort was unsuccessful. The car rolled onto its side and slid across the lanes.

The authorities discovered the incident and immediately took the man to the hospital. It was discovered he was driving under the influence of drugs. Details regarding his health state are still pending.

As a Renton car accident attorney I hope that more details will surface regarding this accident. Hopefully this will serve as an example to those who try their luck by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Personal injury lawyers urge all readers to be extremely careful with distracted or even drunk drivers while handling your cars on a road. Stay away from possible accidents and report suspicious behavior to the authorities. Don’t be the victim of the recklessness of others.