Crash in Republic Leaves Two Injured

According to Washington State Patrol and recent reports from officials, there was an accident on State Road 20 where two people were left injured. A 32-year-old motorist was driving westbound when he tried to turn left, that’s when his vehicle collided with another vehicle in an eastbound lane.

The driver allegedly failed to yield to the right of way and reports say charges are still pending on this case until investigations are considered closed.

As soon as the authorities arrived and emergency help was called, both drivers were taken to the hospital. At this moment, a proficient Bellevue car accident attorney could be assisting the injured man with his case.

I, personal injury attorney Kirk Bernard, hope that both drivers will recover in a timely manner and that the authorities will investigate the case throughly so all factors that may have played an important role in this accident can be brought to light.

Whenever hit by a distracted driver or injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, remember to contact your personal injury lawyer right away. The longer you wait to act, the more difficult it will be for an attorney to assist you.