Crash in Downtown Kills One, Injures Three

A dramatic crash in downtown Seattle left one person dead and three injured, according to news reports.

The high-speed rollover crash occurred around 3:50 a.m. Saturday at Seventh Avenue and Union Street. According to investigators, the collision likely occurred when a speeding car, with four people inside, lost control as it exited Interstate 5 onto Union Street.

“The car shot down the ramp at high speed and crashed into a concrete wall, causing the car to flip onto its roof,” according to news reports. “The car then slid on its top for about a block and a half, colliding with three parked taxi cabs. One of the cabs was occupied, but the driver of that cab was not injured. “

The driver of the speeding car and a passenger in the backseat were partially ejected during the crash, according to news reports. Another backseat passenger was pronounced dead at the scene.

Two of the three survivors have life-threatening injuries, according to the Washington State Patrol.

As a Seattle car accident attorney, I’m saddened to hear about this fatal car accident involving speeding. My condolences are with the victims friends and family during this difficult time.

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