Crash At I-5 Causes Traffic Jam

According to very recent news, the very two right lanes of Interstate 5 where it interchanges with Interstate 405 are completely blocked because of a collision.

The still very inconclusive reports from the Washington State Patrol say that this was a one-vehicle accident involving a semi-truck.

The driver allegedly has serious injuries although nobody can really say it with certainty. Washington State Department of Transportation has released the footage of the crash and according to what’s been seen, the truck seems to have tried to stop under the overpass without much success.

There are many emergency vehicles stopped by the crash area and according to the last official reports, the conditions for the accident to have happened are not yet known. Authorities are trying to keep the traffic going around the accident scene.

As an Olympia personal injury lawyer I sincerely hope that the truck driver will be able to fully recover in a speedy and hassle free way. I also urge the authorities to work on the investigations that will finally demonstrate what was behind this crash so people can learn from the dangers of the road.

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