CPSC Fireworks Safety Tips

Just in time for the Fourth of July holiday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a list of ways to keep you and your family safe.  Fireworks are the primary concern as they can lead to serious personal injury, burns and fires.  Last year alone, fireworks were responsible for 9,000 emergency room visits across the country, including two fatalities.  The most common injuries presented are burns and cuts on the hands, face and head.

According to the CPSC Chairman in this article, “Consumers need to heed our warning: fireworks related incidents, especially those involving illegal fireworks, can be fatal.  Only use legal fireworks and follow CPSC’s tips to ensure your holiday remains festive and safe.”

The tips they strongly recommend following include keeping fireworks away from small children and not allowing them to be played with or ignited by anyone except a responsible adult.  Before you set off fireworks, make sure they are legal in your area.  If it’s a dry summer with a burn ban in place, then you could easily start a forest fire with the sparks caused by fireworks.

Make sure an adult supervises the use of fireworks.  Even sparklers can be dangerous, considering they are the main cause of injuries for children under five since they burn at 2,000 degrees.  Immediately after lighting a firework, quickly move back to a safe distance and never hover over the top of the firework.

If a firework malfunctions, DO NOT pick it up and try to re-ignite it.  Keep a bucket of water or an accessible garden hose close by and never carry fireworks in your pocket. To make sure that you don’t start a fire in your garbage, be sure to always thoroughly douse a used firework with water before discarding.

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I hope everyone can enjoy the holiday weekend safety without any injuries.

Kirk Bernard