Company Wants Drivers to Avoid Accidents with Tech

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car accidentFor children who are between 1 and 13 years of age, car accidents are often deadly. According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car accidents account for most deaths among children in the country. That’s why many safety advocates often urge parents to make sure they pick the right type of car safety seat and booster seat for their children.

But while picking the right model is not enough, and learning how to correctly install the device is also important, attention to the road ahead is also paramount when it comes to avoiding deadly car accidents.

Each year, the NHTSA uses one week of September to bring awareness to child passenger safety. During this year’s Child Passenger Safety Week, companies like Kelley Blue Book are using their influence to urge drivers—especially those who are also parents—to learn more about the importance of embracing technology that fights distracted driving accidents.

This means that, all throughout this week, the company will be teaching drivers about technologies that keep distraction to a minimum.

By educating consumers on how to purchase vehicles and find features that will benefit them by keeping them safe, KBB will help drivers to avoid auto accidents that could expose children to serious risks.

Each year, thousands of people die or are injured in distracted driving car accidents. With automakers developing better technologies and features that keep drivers from being distracted, a greater number of companies are learning that consumers value safety.

If KBB’s efforts to teach drivers about the importance of putting an end to distracted driving is successful, others will follow suit, and drivers will finally learn that focusing on the road ahead will keep them safe.

But is it enough?

To safety advocates, these efforts alone aren’t enough.

To them, only a combination of tougher distracted driving laws and more educational efforts can bring distracted driving to an end. Until then, companies will have to handle the problem on their own. Developing technology that keeps your phone from being used while you’re behind the wheel and other features that help parents to monitor their teenage children while they are behind the wheel can help to put an end to distracted driving. But if drivers are not serious about safety—and about avoiding car accidents—the efforts are all in vain.

For more on the Kelley Blue Book’s campaign to make drivers aware of technology that fights distracted driving, follow this link for more details.