Choking Hazard For Recalled Stacking Toy

Another recall was just issued by the CPSC after reports that a choking and aspiration hazard are presented.  One Step Ahead toymaker’s “Animal Crackers Giant Stacking Toys” were sold at retailers around the nation between October 2008 and April 2010.  Normally as a Seattle personal injury lawyer, choking, strangulation, and aspiration risks are the reason to blame for many of the toy recalls that I see on a regular basis.

In this instance, the stacking toy has been known to come apart at the seams of the cloth material, allowing the foam interior to spill out.  When young children begin to chew or teethe on the foam interior they can easily choke and the foam can become trapped in their airway. As it stands, the center pole on which the various animal-shaped rings are stacked around seems to present the greatest point of seam-failure in which the foam can escape.   So far, no injuries have been reported but according to this article one 10 month old baby was found mouthing on the material.

One Step Ahead has cooperated with the CPSC fully in the recall and they advise customers with the stacking product to return it to the retail location in exchange for a $50 gift certificate.

-Kirk Bernard