Chevrolet Issues a Recall for 2012 GMC Savana Vans

The news and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have reported that Chevrolet has issued a recall for at least 1,798 2012 GMC Savana van vehicles. The announcement from the company stated that the main issue behind the recall is the dual-stage air bags being malfunctioning. They may end up not inflating correctly whenever the vehicle suffers a case of frontal collision.

The NHTSA agency also announced that the questionable vehicles violate the federal safety standards. According to the article, the issues related to the recall alert are linked to the vans manufactured between June and October of 2011.

GM announced that they have the recall planned and that there is a certain date they will notify owners of the affected vehicles. All recalled vans must be taken to GM dealers so the faulty air bags can be replaced free of charge.

As a Tacoma car accident lawyer I understand that problems with the air bags in any car can make a minor accident turn into a life-threatening situation for drivers and passengers. All owners will hopefully be able to get their vehicles fixed in a timely manner.

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