Certain Brand Grape Tomatoes Recalled Due to Salmonella Contamination

The Consumer Reports website has announced a recall from the Front Row Produce company due to a possible Salmonella contamination.

According to the news reports, 10-ounce pint and 10-pound bulk of grape tomatoes produced by Front Row Produce and distributed by Rio Queen Citrus should not be eaten. Consumers must return the product to the place of purchase immediately. The Food and Drug Administration agency discovered the salmonella bacteria after Rio Queen Citrus performed a random test on the product.

The news went on to confirm that there haven’t been any report of illnesses regarding the consumption of the alleged contaminated product and that this recall does not affect other products produced by the same company.

The recalled product comes in a clear plastic package, the lot numbers that should be observed are: 2310802, 2310405 and 2510401. The label has the Front Row Produce logo stamp. The company has decided to add a green sticker to all produce that is not contaminated with Salmonella so consumers know that if they’re purchasing a package from Front Row Produce without the green sticker it’s because it might not be safe for consumption.

As an Everett personal injury attorney I urge all to be extremely attentive to food recalls. Salmonella is very dangerous, any personal injury lawyer can tell you how devastating this contamination can be to infants, frail adults and people with weak immune systems.