Cell Phone Law Tickets Become Major Headache

Back on July 15th I first made mention of the problem that the State was having with the new cell phone law and tickets. Well now it’s beginning to look like it’s much more of a problem than originally thought. The issue, again, was that the Department of Licensing (in Olympia) hadn’t updated it’s rule book for writing tickets since 2004. Many cities and counties just update their own laws based on what the DOL has.

Since the cities are capable of having updated their rule book on their own not all may have to refund the tickets written for talking, or texting, on a cell phone while driving. But it’s likely that many cities have an incorrect law or no law at all regarding the cell phone law. This could lead to them having to refund any monies collected.

“Seattle doesn’t subscribe to the rule book, officially called the Model
Traffic Ordinance, but nearly every other municipality in Washington
does”, said Brad Benfield with the Licensing Department.

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer I feel this law can really help reduce the amount of car accidents caused by distracted driving, but it’s too bad many cities are going to have to go through the fiasco of having to refund money and start fresh. It’s only fair to the people of Washington though. It’s been estimated that the refunds are going to total nearly $450,000.