Cell-Phone Ban Is A Strong First Step But Shouldn’t Be The Last

Most commercial bus and truck drivers know all handheld cell phone use while at the wheel has been banned. Many different news sources say that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA put the ban in place after a need to emphasize that no cell phones were to be used during the time drivers were supposed to keep their eyes on the road.

Critics claim that while this regulation is a strong first step in the struggle to eradicate accidents related to distracted driving, it shouldn’t be the only one. Road education is the real issue and it should be taken seriously by the authorities according to an official from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

As a matter of fact, distracted driving encompasses not only the occasional use of handheld devices but also many other factors that haven’t even been openly discussed by most authorities. News sources say a culture change for all types of drivers is the only way to go about creating a safer traffic for all.

Curbing risky behaviors is effective but there must be an extensive effort to educate the entire population about traffic laws and the dangers of distracted driving.

As a Renton car accident attorney I hope that other agencies like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will do more to educate the population. Contact a personal injury attorney so you can ask any questions regarding a personal injury case but do so as soon as it happens, don’t delay.