Celebrated Journalist Dies In Tragic Car Accident

Unfortunately for many of us, news involving tragic car accidents often hit us when we least expect them.

According to recent reports, a well-known journalist who worked mostly as a foreign correspondent for five decades was involved in a deadly car accident. The crash unfortunately took the famous journalist’s life.

The occurrence involved two cars. According to a series of news sources covering the story, the 73-year-old “60 Minutes” correspondent was a passenger in the Lincoln Town Car involved in the accident. The car crashed into a parked car then proceeded toward the metal barriers between both main lanes. As a result, both occupants were exposed to injuries. Only the passenger sustained deadly injuries as a result of the crash.

Several reports on this accident have claimed that passengers on livery vehicles are not required to have their seat belts on. This kind of loose regulation regarding the use of the life-saving feature may be exposing passengers to unnecessary risks. The reports show that, at the time of the accident, the journalist did not have his seat belt on.

According to the authorities, the driver of the vehicle was also sent to the hospital, but no major injuries were announced.

Several of the late journalist’s colleagues and friends are now sharing their stories and mourning the death of the legendary journalist.

In Light of the Deadly Accident, Some Believe Lawmakers Should Focus Safety Features

The auto accident is now concerning experts and drivers alike. The risks associated with possible personal injuries when drivers and their passengers are not wearing their seat belts are too great. If consumers are not able to actually respond to these risks and make sure they act to prevent the possible outcomes, deadly accidents may take place.

No matter how advanced the technology that focuses on crash avoidance becomes, several safety experts say, lawmakers should make sure that safety features are always a requirement. While safety advocates urge lawmakers to review the rules regarding these type of car services and seat belt use, drivers should remind their passengers that the use of seat belt may save your life in the event of a collision.

For more details on this tragic and terrible accident, you may follow this link to read the full article. If you’re concerned about your own safety and the safety of your loved ones, avoid crash-related injuries by always buckling up.

At this moment, our heart and thoughts are with the family and loved ones of the legendary Bob Simon.