January 16, 2020
Toyota Lexus recall stall engine accident crash injury

Toyota Recalls Vehicles Over Unexpected Stalling Risks

Toyota is recalling nearly 700,000 vehicles over fuel pump issues. Because the problem can lead to a sudden stall, it also increases the risk of an […]
January 15, 2020

Spokane’s First Big Snowfall Leads To Over 100 Crashes, WSP Says

Washington drivers know a thing or two about winter driving and yet, it seems we’re never fully ready for the winter season’s first big snowfall. In […]
January 14, 2020
subaru recalls popular vehicles over accident risks takata airbag

Nearly Half A Million Subaru Cars Recalled Over Takata Airbags

Subaru is in the news again for launching a major recall impacting vehicles sold in the United States. This time around, the problem that prompted the […]
January 13, 2020
traffic accidents crash seattle king county

King County Sees 58% Drop In Traffic Deaths In 2019, WSP Says

King County interstates and state routes saw a decrease in the number of traffic deaths in 2019, the Washington State Patrol reported. Additionally, officials noticed a […]
January 9, 2020
subaru recalls popular vehicles over accident risks takata airbag

Consumer Reports: Subaru Recall Impacts Newer, Popular Vehicles In The US

Subaru recalled over 250,000 cars sold in the last three years in the United States, Consumer Reports announced. The firm reported that the recall impacts the […]
December 12, 2012

Fatal Helicopter Crash Could Lead to Safety Changes

Three people were killed Monday in Illinois when an emergency medical helicopter crashed. Approximately 400,000 patients are transported each year via medical helicopters, but more than […]
December 10, 2012

Tragic Fire Raises Questions About Factory Safety

A fire at a garment factory in Bangladesh late last month killed 112 workers and has raised serious questions about the safety of factories. One of […]
December 7, 2012

One Killed in Construction Accident

A man was left hanging by a harness for hours after another person was killed as scaffolding collapsed at a work site in Pennsylvania. The incident […]
November 29, 2012

Report: Girl Likely Kicked Controls in Deadly Helicopter Crash

An investigation from the National Transportation Safety Board found that a deadly helicopter crash was likely caused when a co-pilot’s 5-year-old daughter kicked the flight controls, […]