Car Technology Warns Drivers Of Dents, Scratches

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Car technology has been advancing at an incredible pace as of late. Fortunately for car owners, that means that cars are both safer and easier to drive. But what are other car technologies being invented as we speak that could change how we look at our cars forever?

According to a series of news reports, a company from Germany is working on developing a technology that would detect when someone made scratches or dents to the exterior of your vehicle. While this car technology is not directly useful when the subject is safety, it could sure help car owners to save big bucks.

The engineers behind this technology are using a grid of foil-like electronic sensors that would capture the pressure stemming from someone scratching the vehicle. The driver would then be alerted. This action could help drivers to avoid incidents that could turn out serious if the warning technology wasn’t available.

How Does This New Car Technology Work?

According to a series of news sources, the technology is known as Intelligent Damage Detection System. The device makes use of 12 piezoelectric sensors that are attached to the body panels’ rear side. The technology can also be attached to the vehicle’s already existing electronic infrastructure.

To make sure the system works, engineers may either link it to the GPS system. Cameras onboard could also be used to record the data regarding the vehicle’s location. This could help drivers later on since data would be stored in a video format. In case someone scratches or damages the vehicle, the camera would capture who’s at fault.

The technology uses an algorithms that would detect the exact location of the scratch. The feature would help to determine how the scratch was caused. While the technology is not available yet, it could work with any of the materials that are already being used in modern vehicle body panels. The technology could work perfectly well on steel, aluminum, thermoplastic, or carbon fiber.

At this moment, the developers are contacting a series of car manufacturers and other car technology developers. Companies like rental car groups and fleet operators are also being contacted by the company. The Since the technology can be useful to an array of vehicles, developers are confident that the feature could be popular in the near future.

According to the designers of this car technology, the feature could be widely available to drivers everywhere by 2018.

If you’re curious to know more about the feature and how it works, follow this link.