Car Collision in Everett Sends a Man to Intensive Care

According to the news, a 28-year-old man from Seattle is allegedly under a severe condition after his car collided against a barrier on 1-5. The accident took place in Everett and involved only one vehicle.

There aren’t many details on the crash and the factors that led the man to drive his car against the barrier but the Washington State Patrol has stated that the Ford Focus he was driving collided sometime after 12 p.m. and left the traffic restricted for some time.

According to the authorities, the man is in an intensive care unit. There are no more details regarding the conditions of the road prior to the crash.

As a Seattle personal injury attorney I wish a fast recovery for the victim of this crash. I understand that there cannot be any conclusions regarding the causes of the accident until the Washington State Patrol fully investigates this collision.

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