Can I Hire an Out-of-State Hip Recall Lawyer?

One of the questions I am asked frequently as a DePuy hip recall lawyer is, “Do I need to hire a lawyer from my own state?”  The answer is “No.”  In most cases, such as a car accident claim, you would need a lawyer that is certified to practice law within your state.  However, since DePuy’s parent company, Johnson & Johnson is located in New Jersey, the case won’t stay within your state’s court system due to the Diversity of Jurisdiction statute.  If the case is worth more than $50,000 and the plaintiff and defendant are located within two separate states, the case will almost always go to federal courts.  Because there are cases from many different states against DePuy, that is another reason it will more than likely go to federal court.

DePuy acted negligently by producing a defective and dangerous product that wasn’t properly tested.  People across the United States have been affected by this defective hip implant.  Each individual case that is filed within their state will then be transferred to one location.  At this point it looks like that court might be in Baltimore.  This multi-district litigation means that one judge will reside over all the hearings so that there is consistency and commonality.  It also eliminates redundancy to expedite the hearing process.

So regardless of which state you live in, the case will likely be transferred to a federal court in New Jersey or Baltimore.  As a hip replacement recall lawyer, I’ve partnered with an expert law firm licensed to practice law within New Jersey.  With them, we’ve handled many successful mass tort cases in the past so you can rest assured that your case will be managed correctly and efficiently.  Our team of experts will evaluate your claim and place a value on your long term losses to make sure that you are fully compensated for your pain and suffering.