Busy Halloween Season for Washington Highway Patrol

According to what local news have reported, this time of the year is usually busy when it comes to driving under the influence and because authorities know how dangerous the season is, extra patrols were sent all around the State during the Halloween weekend. They started to do their heavy duty Halloween surveillance Friday evening and continued throughout saturday and sunday.

In the past, half of all National highway fatal accidents involved a driver who was under the influence. Over the last three years, there were over 500 arrests for DUI during this holiday in the Pierce and King counties alone. Hopefully this year around, the Washington Highway Patrol and local authorities aren’t going to have a busy season.

As a Seattle car accident lawyer I am quite familiar with the great number of cases related to victims of this kind of accident. I urge all drivers out there to be especially aware of the road for drunk drivers, particularly in this time of the year. In the case of an accident related to a drunk driver, don’t hesitate and call an Seattle personal injury attorney to assist you and represent you in your case.