Burien Hands Aggressive Dogs Off To Neighboring Cities

As a personal injury lawyer in Seattle, I was surprised to hear about the city of Burien’s odd laws against aggressive dogs.  What brought this to light was an unfortunate dog bite case that is now in the court system.  A Burien woman was walking along Southwest 23rd street when a pit bull came loose out of it’s residence.  The dog lunged at her face and bit off her lower lip and inflicting deep lacerations on her face.

In this article, the victim stated, “That dog’s going to kill somebody else.  If it would have been a kid that night they would have been dead. I don’t know what is wrong with teh dog.  That’s what bothers me.  I don’t know what would make it do this to me.”  The owners of the dog claim that they’ve had it since it was a puppy and that young children have lived in the home with the mixed breed without incidence.

The City of Burien gave the maximum penalty which simply bans the dog from living withing Burien city limits.  However, the dog is free to go live with other family members in another city.  It’s appalling to think that the city is simply shipping this dog off to be a nuisance and safety hazard in another area, where it’s not their problem anymore.  They’re not addressing the issue that the dog creates a public safety hazard.  The victim has filed a lawsuit against the dog’s owners in the King County Court System.