Braking Problems Prompt Honda Recall

Nearly half a million cars were recalled due to a seal in the brake master cylinder. 471,820 year 2005-2007 Acura RL and Honda Odysseys were included. The problem involves a malfunctioning seal which may fail if brake fluid inserted at the factory is replaced by brake fluids with reduced lubrication properties. This could result in a “manual brake bleed with full and rapid stroke of the brake pedal,” said a news report. If the master cylinder seal is not repaired, it could lead to a soft break pedal and the potential loss of a hydraulic breaking circuit. “Drivers of affected vehicles should be aware that this condition will always cause the low brake fluid light to illuminate,” the company said. The Honda recall came just days after a Toyota recall for a similar problem.

As a Seattle car accident lawyer, the recent onslaught of car recalls serve as a reminder to check if a car you are about to purchase or already own has been recalled at SaferCar.Gov. If there was a recall issued, make sure all fixes have been completed prior to purchasing the vehicle. If you own a recalled Honda, contact your local dealership immediately regarding information on fixing your recalled vehicle.