Boy, 10, Tased at School by Police Officer in Demonstration

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November 1, 2012
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November 2, 2012

A 10-year-old boy was allegedly Tased in the chest by a police officer on career day in New Mexico.

The child’s parents have now filed a lawsuit for his chest burn and emotional trauma. They claimed that he wakes up in the middle of the night clasping his chest and afraid that he will not wake up again.

According to the lawsuit, the police officer had asked children in the class to clean his car. When one child said no, the officer made a remark about showing him what happens when people do not listen to police officers. The trooper Tased the child, although he claims he did not know the Taser was loaded.

You can read more here: 10-year-old kid tased by a cop during school career day

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