Booster seats recalled for breaking hazard

Evenflo Company is recalling Maestro Combination Booster Seats used to properly restrain children in vehicles, because the seats have broken in some high-impact, frontal collision tests.

Individuals who own the product have not reported any injuries or incidents of the booster seats breaking, but Evenflo is recalling approximately 13,792 seats in the United States to prevent potential injuries.

The seats affected by the recall have model numbers that begin with “310,” including 3101198, 3101980, 31011048, 31011049, and 31011059. The seats were built between November 24, 2009 and April 9, 2010.

Laboratory tests in late September first exposed the booster seats could crack in car accidents. While Evenflo urges owners to call and get a free bracket to reinforce the seat, they are also urging parents to follow the weight guidelines with the product.

The booster seat should not be used with children weighing less than 40 pounds without the repair bracket. Children who weigh more than 40 pounds can continue to use the seat as a belt-positioning booster until the remedy kit arrives.

A free reinforcement kit can be collected by calling Evenflo at 800-233-5921 or visiting their website for more information. Customers are urged to not return seats to retail stores where purchased.

As a Seattle car accident lawyer, I suggest parents pay close attention to the functionality and weight limit of their children’s booster seats. Proper restraint and position of booster seats can protect passengers from injuries during a car accident and save lives. I am glad, Evenflo caught the problem and is working with owners to fix the booster seat defect before any injuries occurred.