Blind Spokane Man Killed in Bus Accident

A blind man was killed by a former transit bus in Spokane on Sunday, according to news reports.

The fatal accident occurred when the 39-year-old blind Spokane man was checking something under the bus when the breaks apparently failed. He sustained fatal head trauma when the bus malfunctioned, according to news reports.

Police said the bus incident appears to be an accident. The former transit bus in Spokane was owned by the victim’s father.

Friends of the victim told news reports that the man was independent and very mechanical despite his blindness.”

No charges are expected to be filed in the incident. It is unclear exactly what the man was checking under the bus or how the breaks failing contributed to the accident.

No other injuries were reported in the accident.

As a Spokane bus accident attorney, I’m saddened to hear about this fatal accident. My condolences go out to this man’s family and friends during this difficult time. I urge mechanics and other people working on vehicles to ensure it is safe before attempting their work.

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