Bicyclist Tragically Killed In Collision

According to news sources from the state of California, a cyclist attempted to cross the 101 last Saturday but unfortunately couldn’t make it safely; he was tragically hit by two cars just south of Broadway in Burlingame.

According to the local authorities and national news outlets, the accident occurred when two different cars stroke the cyclist one right after the other. It is not known whether the accident was caused by an external factor or if the first driver simply did not see the cyclist, however this is believed to be a case caused by drinking and driving.

According to the news, he was going northbound on the 101 after 10:40 pm when the collision happened and blocked the highway for about 40 minutes.

There were no major details released to the media regarding the causes of the accident but more investigations are underway.

As a Tacoma auto accident lawyer I’m terribly sorry to hear such sad news coming from an extremely bike-friendly region.

As a personal injury lawyer I sincerely hope the family and closest friends of the man who tragically lost his life in this possibly preventable collision are receiving the support and aid they deserve in this extremely delicate moment.