Best Buy Recalls Rocketfish iPhone 3G/3GS Battery Case

Several news articles nationwide have announced that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada issued a recall of the iPhone 3G/3GS Battery Case manufactured by Best Buy. The recalled model number is “RF-KL12”.

Reports of consumers being allegedly burned among other minor accidents have forced the company to recall the products. Other reports involved this product attested that consumers witnessed the battery cases getting deformed due the heat of the batteries.

The alleged accidents involving the defective product happened in the United States. The CPSC along with Best Buy urge consumers to cease the use of the cover immediately. Every individual who owns a Rocketfish Battery Case for iPhone produced by Best Buy must return the product to the place of purchase as soon as possible without hesitation.

As a personal injury lawyer in Renton I appreciate the fact the company is taking responsibility for its defected product. I hope all consumers will contact the manufacturer to make sure they will be able to get a refund after returning the defective case.

Whenever you are the victim of a company engaged in a neglectful behavior, remember to have the contact number of your personal injury lawyer at hand. You may be entitled to compensation.