Beloved Cereal Brand Recalls Products Over Allergy Risks

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cereal, peanut, KelloggEvery now and then, companies launch recalls that impact products you consume regularly. That’s why consumers should stay on top of reports coming from the Food and Drug Administration and other official sources to make sure the products they are consuming at home are not exposing them and their loved ones to health risks.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, Kellogg Company has recalled several snacks over a possible allergy risk. The official recall report shows that since some of the products come with flour that may contain peanut residue, meaning that products listed under the recall may expose consumers with allergies to serious and even deadly adverse reactions.

Recalled products include items sold as Mother’s®, Keebler®, Kellogg’s® Special K® brownies, Murray® and Famous Amos® snacks and cookies, all produced by Kellogg.

The company launched the recall once it learned that its supplier launched a recall for flour that contained undeclared allergens.

While the FDA believes the amount of peanut residue is very low, making it less likely or consumers to be exposed to potential risks, you should not ignore this recall campaign.

So far, no reports of health-related issues have been tied to this recall. Nevertheless, consumers are being urged to have the product returned to the place of purchase.

You may read more about this recall here, where you may also find a list of impacted products. Do not wait until someone has experienced health related issues for you to act.