Bellingham Hit-And-Run Accident Sends Pedestrian To Hospital

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A pedestrian was injured in a serious hit-and-run accident on early Sunday, April 29, in downtown Bellingham. And according to a series of news reports, a woman was booked as a result.

The collision, happened at 2 a.m. on Railroad Avenue. Authorities say that the vehicle crashed into the pedestrian and then drove away.

The victim experienced serious injuries and a potential brain bleed, the Bellingham police lieutenant said.

Details on whether the driver was intoxicated or not weren’t revealed.

We hope that the victim is being able to recover in full after this horrific ordeal and that authorities are able to verify what was the reason behind this hit-and-run. Other Washington drivers could learn a great deal from this accident.

Personal injury attorneys urge drivers to never drive while distracted or while drunk. Such behaviors put you and others in grave danger as you may experience delayed response times while trying to avoid an accident. But even if you avoid both risky behaviors and you’re still involved in a crash, do not leave the scene of the crash until the authorities arrive.

Recently, there has been a massive number of hit-and-run accidents in the state. Many believe that that’s due to distraction. After all, many distracted drivers are so oblivious of their surroundings that they hit other vehicles and are not aware that the crash happened. With Washington’s recent distracted driving law changes, we hope this behavior shifts.

For more on this tragic hit-and-run accident, follow this link.

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