Bellevue Woman Attacked by Boyfriend’s ‘Jealous’ Pet Lynx

A Bellevue woman suffered severe arm injuries after her boyfriend’s pet lynx attacked her, according to CBS Seattle.

The lynx reportedly escaped from its cage and bit the woman while she was cleaning in her home. A King County Animal Control officer was quoted in the report as saying the cat became jealous of the man’s girlfriend and jumped on her while she was vacuuming.

The lynx remained out in the open when medics first arrived. The boyfriend came home and secured the animal so that authorities could enter the house and check on the woman. The victim is expected to recover from the injuries, according to the report.

Neighbors said they have seen the animal wandering around the house on other occasions. The animal remains in quarantine, and Animal Control is currently conducting an investigation into the event.

Lynxes are medium-size types of wildcats. They are known as solitary animals and rarely attack humans in the wild unless provoked, according to experts.

As a Bellevue animal bite attorney, I hope this woman makes a full recovery. If you or a loved one has been injured in an animal attack, consider talking to a Bellevue personal injury lawyer for a free consultation.