Beef Jerky Recalled after Salmonella Scare

There have been different news sources claiming that the popular Beef Jerky manufactured by the Texas-based company Whittington’s Jerky Inc. is being recalled. Salmonella contamination is claimed to be the cause for this recall.

According to the news, over 120 pounds of beef jerky might be contaminated with the powerful bacteria. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Satefy and Inspection Service claim that both 2oz and 4oz packages of Beef Jerky sold in convenience stores in West Texas should not be consumed, if you have purchased any of these items return them immediately.

Salmonella is a dangerous bacterium that may cause one of the most life-threatening food borne illnesses to humans who have weak immune systems.

As a Seattle wrongful death attorney I hope that nobody will be affected by the contaminated beef jerky. Although this is an issue for residents of the state of Texas, Washingtonians should always be alert of different food recalls in the case the issue hits home.

Whenever a person has put under a major health risk because of a contaminated food sample, it is important that a personal injury lawyer will be contacted right away. Instead of waiting for answers from the company that has caused your problems, look for an experienced attorney to answer to the questions related to your case.