Bacteria Infected Wipes Recalled

Professional Disposables International Inc., based in Orangeburg, N.Y. has issued a recall for all lots of five of their products containing non-sterile alcohol prep pads due to a bacteria contamination, according to news sources.

The bacteria, Bacillus cereus, is the same one that triggered a recall of another company in Wisconsin who is currently facing at least eight lawsuits regarding the effects the wipes had on consumers. The wipes from that company are also blamed with causing the death of a two-year-old after he contracted bacterial meningitis. That company and Professional Disposables International share a common padding material supplier, which one lawsuit named as the source of contamination in the Wisconsin products.

A spokesperson for Professional Disposables claimed the levels of bacteria were “very low,” and that the levels were within allowed specifications. The recall was announced after extensive discussion with the Food and Drug Administration, who conducted the tests at the plant.

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