Avoiding Collisions with Animals

Vehicle collisions with animals can pose serious injury risk to drivers, especially those on motorcycles. To avoid serious accidents, consumers can learn how to watch out for animals in the roadway and practice safety techniques to avoid life-threatening accidents.

According to news reports:

Aside from safety gear (a CVTC motorcycle safety instructor)  says there is one thing people can practice that will help them avoid crashing into animals, like the northern Wisconsin man who died this weekend after crashing into a turkey.

“The one thing I do wish people would do is practice their stopping skills on their motorcycle. Stopping a motorcycle involves hands and feet, and it’s not the easiest thing to stop properly so it takes practice,” he says.

Motorcycle riders should also constantly scanfor animals, and if you see one start slowing down immediately, because animals can be unpredictable.

As a Yakima personal injury lawyer, I’d like to remind you to always drive well within the speed limits and remember that wildlife is most likely to be present during the hours of dawn and dusk so remain alert, and prepare yourself for the possibility of an encounter on the highway.

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