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This Automaker Still Owes Thousands Of Consumers A Recall

Officials are still waiting for Fiat Chrysler to launch a recall and offer a fix for its software after a lawsuit associated with the FCA diesel crisis.

After a probe launched by the U.S. Department of Justice prompted officials to extend an offer to the company to settle, the scandal revolving around the alleged emissions violations continues to haunt the automaker. Now, Fiat Chrysler is forced to look into a fix, which it has been doing since early 2017. Still, the 104,000 vehicles affected have yet to be recalled and then repaired.

Reports show that due to the high cost of developing a fix and then recalling all vehicles impacted, the company stands to lose a great deal of money on top of the millions spent on fines.

But who truly stands to lose are the thousands of consumers who purchased vehicles they believed met emission regulations.

While we’re glad that at least this issue does not expose consumers to injuries, we are truly heartbroken that the 2014 through 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Ram 1500 diesel vehicles do not meet federal regulations, we are glad that at least, they do not pose an immediate danger of injury because of the emission scandal.

Still, this goes to show just how often automakers will advertise vehicles as being safe and up to date with official federal guidelines when it reality, they do not meet federal standards. The consumer, of course, is the one to suffer. And as such, he’s the one who stands to lose.

As personal injury attorneys who have years of experience with product liability cases, we understand just how difficult this reality is to car owners. That is why we want to help you if you’re ever victimized by a greedy automaker that puts profits over people.

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