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Audi’s Latest Recall Warns Of Potentially Defective Air Bags

Audi is recalling 144,092 vehicles, including convertibles, wagons, and hatchbacks, over air bag concerns. Some of the impacted units include the 2017 and 2018 A4 and A4 Allroad wagons, the 2018 A5 Cabriolet convertibles, A5 Coupe cars, A5 Sportback cars, S4 cars, S5 Cabriolet convertibles, S5 Sportback cars, and S5 Coupe cars.

The vehicles listed under this recall come with Passenger Occupant Detection Systems whose connecting cables might become oxidized. In this case, the rust buildup may cause the software to fail to diagnose a malfunction in the air bag system. This could disable the passenger-side air bag.

In order to keep passengers safe, the company alerted that dealers will update the software behind the air bags for free.

Because the firm will contact impacted vehicle owners beginning September 15, it is important that car owners update their contact information with the manufacturer. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to register their car and personal information with the company. And without proper contact information, automakers are unable to contact impacted vehicle owners when a recall comes up.

If you’re not sure your vehicle is at risk of experiencing an accident or another issue because of an equipment problem, you may visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There, you can plug your car’s 17-digit vehicle identification number to learn if your car has open recalls.

In order to stay safe, check back regularly and never forget to contact the automaker if you are concerned about your car and your safety.

Why You Should Never Ignore A Recall Related To Injury Risks

Car manufacturers aren’t always great about launching recalls promptly after finding an issue. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case with Audi, as it learned about this problem and launched the recall as soon as possible.

In order to avoid accidents, car owners should consider that all safety recalls that may lead to accidents or injuries are serious. Also, you shouldn’t wait until you experience a crash to act.

For more information on this recall, follow this link.



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