Ashland Brand Glass Vase Recalled, Possible Laceration Threat

According to more news and reports regarding product recalls, Michaels Stores have issued a recall for the Glass Vase produced by the Ashland Brand.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission along with Health Canada announced today that the Ashland™ Glass Vase may turn out to be a laceration hazard. The company stated that after some reports of involuntary glass shattering surfaced, they decided to investigate. Some of the reports stated that a few people got hurt. The U.S. CPSC has ruled the product unsafe for regular use for consumers.

The news report show that approximately 28,000 items must be recalled from both the United States and Canada. The firm stated that the product is made of clear glass and it comes in a rectangular shape. The model number printed on the recalled product is “425827”.

The Michaels Stores firm, which is responsible for distributing the product claims that the vase being recalled can break easily whenever a consumer simply picks them up. Such a frail object shouldn’t be distributed and all of those already sold should be returned immediately.

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